Our team

Swissworx was founded in 2014 by Swiss immigrant Michael Ulmann.

His aim is to provide outstanding customer service and deliver high quality, best-in-class software resulting in long-term customer satisfaction.

Passion and dedication to technology paired with a hint of perfectionism but without losing sense for pragmatism are core values amongst employees.

Michael Ulmann

Michael Ulmann, Chief Executive Officer

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Over 20 years experience in various roles in IT have allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its short comings. These form the core foundation of my strategic planning and decision making to drive the success of Swissworx and position the company in the right niche market.

While working for small to large size enterprises in multiple countries I have had the privilege to build development teams of highly skilled individuals. I demonstrated to peers and senior management my leadership and communication skills and the ability to deliver software solutions on time and under budget.

Despite my move into an executive role I have never lost my interest and passion for software development in all this years. When time permits I find myself still doing some hands-on development which gives me an excellent understanding of the technical solutions that we deliver for our clients. This also allows me to ensure best practises are followed and the team adheres to high coding standards.

Favourite movie: Forrest GumpFavourite cigar: Monte Cristo

Sailen Karmacharya

Sailen Karmacharya, Lead Developer

Being in this industry for more than 15 years gave me exposure to every aspect of the software development life cycle and in-depth understanding of different business domains.

I have a very sound knowledge of Sitecore and various other .Net based CMS and DevOps to build enterprise level applications and guarantee flawless operation.

Favourite quote: Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever ― Mahatma Gandhi

Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker, Senior Front-End Developer

Having been in the software development industry for 20 years, with the last 5 years specialising in Front-End development, I have had the opportunity to be part of some amazing teams and to work with a variety of technologies and platforms for a wide range of clients across diverse industries.

I pride myself on delivering the best possible combination of quality and value for my clients, and the best experience for users, as well as developing strong collaborative working relationships with my team and clients.

Favourite Sport: Rock climbingFavourite Movie: Pulp Fiction

Timmy Donaire

Timmy Donaire, Front-End Developer

As a passionate Developer I have honed my skills in various areas like Object-Oriented Programming, Single Page Applications, Token Based Authentication, and Server Side Rendering. My main focus is on Frontend technologies, particularly Angular.

I am constantly seeking out new knowledge and staying ahead of industry trends. It is important to me that my work reflects the best practices and delivers outstanding performance.

Favourite Activity: Playing video gamesFavourite Color: Black

Alvin Yanson

Alvin Yanson, Front-End Developer

As a front-end developer, I find immense joy in developing applications that have a profound impact on people's lives. With expertise in front-end frameworks, I craft user-friendly interfaces that enhance the overall user experience. Constantly learning new technologies to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver innovative solutions.

Favourite Book Author: Mark MansonFavourite Actor: Keanu Reeves

Lou Wongyu

Lou Wongyu, QA Test Analyst

More than 15 years of background in Quality Assurance Software Testing with exposure to various industries such as healthcare, telecommunication, maritime and asset management. My responsibilities include but are not limited to test document preparation, test execution using different testing techniques, and reporting. I am an output-oriented person who is determined to prioritize and meet established deadlines to customers and clients with high standards.

Sarita Goswami

Sarita Goswami, Test Automation Engineer

Being associated with Swissworx allows me to make full use of my skills efficiently as well as enhance my skills working on latest cutting edge technology stack. A highly professional environment and an excellent work culture at Swissworx contributes to overall personality development.